At least the drama for today occurred early, but a bit too early. At 530 this morning, our LP gas alarm went off. It was a really loud, rude awakening. It went off every few minutes for awhile. We still don’t know exactly why. After doing some reading, it sounds like lots of things can set them off, anything that gives off gases, hair spray, new carpets, even dogs. I would blame Sophie, but it kept going off even when she was nowhere near the sensor. I don’t know how the kids slept through it, but they did. I was wondering what was going to happen next week, that could possibly top our first week. Now I know – a nice little hurricane. Even if it makes landfall as a hurricane, it will most likely be downgraded to tropical storm status by the time it reaches the middle of the state where we are. Still, I’m not ready to ride that out in an aluminum box, so we will be staying Tuesday night at a friend’s house. That will actually be pretty fun, they were our next door neighbors 6 years ago, so we’ll have lots to talk about, and hope the trailer is still upright when we come back.