This might be our first trauma-free day!  And it was even a moving day. We found another park yesterday that we liked better, so moved today. Its SO much more pleasant, lots of trees, prettier buildings, more people, etc. And to top it off, we are right down the street from a Krispy Kreme. I can’t wait for tomorrow morning. Yesterday we cleaned the A/C filter and found the major air vent has been closed the whole time. No wonder it took 6 hours to cool down last time we moved!  Today it didn’t take nearly as long. Sean just talked to one of the new neighbors, a guy who lives here permanently. This guy was here in 2004 during the hurricanes, and said a tornado made a direct hit on this park. It was about 20 feet from his trailer, but only took out his awning. The guy was inside hiding under a mattress.