Tropical Storm Fay was predicted to become a hurricane and head straight for us. We had planned to stay with some friends in a real house tonight. Instead, Fay didn’t become a hurricane last night, and is crossing the state farther south than it was supposed to, so we spent the afternoon visiting and doing our laundry. Their house is almost 45 minutes away in the pouring rain, and I must say, I LOVE our truck in the rain. Its so heavy I never felt any of the wind gusts. It felt like it would just plug along through anything. One nice thing about approaching storms – the weather right before is perfect. Yesterday evening was overcast, and breezy so we played outside for a long time, then ate dinner outside, and walked around the campground afterward. Well, Sean and I walked, Ian and Caitlin ran from puddle to puddle, splashing their way around the park. They had great fun. The downside to continuous rain – we just noticed a water leak in the shower. Hopefully it won’t damage anything before we can try to fix it. Not sure when that will be though since we are supposed to have rain all week long now.