Trying something new

It seems pretty clear by now that I’m not going to keep writing in this blog. Writing is not a passion for me, so its too much work to keep up with. Since I do love taking pictures though, I’ve started a new photo blog over at I’m keeping this blog as a travel diary and will update it when we go on trips. Unfortunately, I think its going to be awhile before we go anywhere again. For one, its so nice to be settled and no longer traveling, that I can’t bring myself to get back in the RV anytime soon. For another, Sean has a real job now, and no significant vacation time for the next year. But there is SO much to see out here in the west, and SO many places we still want to ¬†go, or return to, that I know we’ll be travelling again at some point.

Fort Collins, CO

After a trip from hell across the country, we have arrived in Fort Collins, looked around a bit, and decided to stay here. No time for blogging as we have to find a house to rent in the next 2 days. We are loving the no humidity, views of the mountains, beautiful skies.

Big News

For all of you not friends with me on Facebook – we have finally, FINALLY, decided on a state. Colorado. We’ve been having major issues with internet connectivity, so the final posts on Maine, and how we decided on Colorado will have to wait for a bit longer. At this moment, we are in western Pennsylvania, on our way to CO. We expect to get there Wednesday. The kids have been fabulous the last two days. We’ve done some really long days of driving. Last night we didn’t stop until bedtime, and ended up staying in a Walmart parking lot, then getting on the road by 730 this morning. The real kicker is, we haven’t actually decided on a city yet. We’ve heard great things about Fort Collins, so we’re going to start there. We can usually tell pretty quickly if we don’t like a city, so we’ll look around when we get there. We heard good things about Brattleboro Vermont too, but when we got there, I just wanted to pressure wash the entire place. We didn’t like it at all. If not Fort Collins, we’ll go down to Colorado Springs, we were there last time out and like it. The worst part is that school starts next week, and I seriously doubt we’ll find a house to rent, and get whatever else we need done in time for the kids to start on the first day. We’ll give it a try though. I can’t decide what I’m looking forward to the most, reliable and fast internet connection, or a library so we can read books before we decide to buy them. We’ve spent a small fortune on books for them in the last two months. Mostly from used book stores, but not all.